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Sri Lanka to Witness Colombo Bike Show 2018 at the SLECC

Sri Lankans will get the opportunity to witness one of the biggest bike shows of this year, the Colombo Bike Show 2018, along with Sri Lanka Auto Parts Expo 2018 from 2 - 5 August at the Sri Lanka Exhibition and Convention Centre (SLECC) in Colombo 10. The event is organised by CEMS Lanka in collaboration with CEMS Global USA. The event will witness Motorbikes, excited visitors, 2-wheeler riders flooding in to experience this gigantic event catering to all motorbike enthusiast. The event will be a 4 day carnival with many leading Motorcycle and E-Bike distributors & dealers along with Lubricant Companies, Battery and International Automotive Component Manufacturers & Importers.

These Motorbike distributors expects to offer lucrative offers and discounts for visitors, especially for this 4-day period of the Show.

In addition to this some of the features of the event includes free Bike Check-ups for visitors, a display of Classic bikes and scooters and see Indoor competitions will be held for Skill riding, under one roof.

The `Colombo Bike Show 2018’ will undoubtedly become an idea platform to showcase Motorbikes, E-Bikes Auto Parts, the latest developments and emerging technology for the Motorbike and entire automobile industry, ultimately promoting the Sri Lankan & world Motorbike and auto-component industry indicating rapid developments in the industry.

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An Ultra-Rare Experimental Lamborghini Superbike is now on Sale: Can Be Yours for £90,000

Modelled according to a classic V12 Lamborghini supercar, the rare 250 km/h superbike was made by Lamborghini as a part of an experiment back in 1989. Dubbed the ‘Design 90’, the models were a result of Lamborghini flirting with the idea of creating a superbike of its own for the mass market. Nevertheless, only six of these demonstration models were ever built and one of these is now on sale for an astounding £90,000.

Back in the late 1980’s, Lamborghini joined forces with French motorcycle designers ‘Boxer’ to create six prototype motorcycles and had further plans to produce 19 more if the idea was deemed popular among its fan base. The two-wheelers were modelled according to the 25th Anniversary edition Lamborghini Countach and its streamlined fibreglass body was inspired by the company’s popular 1988 V12 supercar.

Nevertheless, the bikes did not gain as much traction as the company hoped. As a result, the Design 90 never made its way into mainstream production. However, this also means that the existing six prototypes are a rare gem for the motorcycle enthusiasts.

This particular bike is said to be in an excellent condition, being rarely used during its 29-year-life.