Carmudi Monthly 015 - Page 36

Saroléa as a company has its roots as far back as the 1850s when it began as a weapons manufacturer in Belgium. The company which was one of the first in Europe to start manufacturing motorcycles at the turn of the 20th century, made various types of bikes also catering to racing and won at the inaugural F.I.M European Motocross Championship. Though it ended operations later, in 2010 Belgian twin brothers Torsten and Bjorn Robbens, bought the company and developed its first electric racing bike, Saroléa SP7. Fast forward to 2018, after years of racing, testing, tweaking, and engineering, Saroléa is ready to release a street version of the SP7, the Manx7. This new bike which was inspired by the fitst SP7 version comes with features such as signature elements that give the bike its unique identity. The superfluous has been eliminated to reduce the design to its basics in order to reveal the purest and most absolute form.

The new SP7 street version lighter, stronger and faster, made to achieve highest performance. The core of the MANX7 is a carbon fibre monocoque chassis made by hand to give the bike a lightweight, super strong and rigid structure. It also has an ideal 50% front and 50% rear weight distribution. Unlike an internal combustion engine, with hundreds of moving parts, Saroléa electric motors have only one moving piece – the rotor.


Electric Superbike Saroléa Manx7 is set to hit the Streets

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