Carmudi Monthly 015 - Page 34


I drove the the new Discovery from Colombo to Kandy in the morning, and came back late at night, so I got to see it under heavy traffic in city conditions, small dirt tracks, and on winding, empty roads. First, lets talk about the only real issue with the Discovery. The on board computer has a few bugs. Start it up and take off immediately and sometimes the parking sensors take a moment to realize that you aren't parking. Occasionally the cameras stop working (fixed by either restarting the vehicle or just a little patience).

In regards to the actual drive though, that the series sequential turbocharged Sd4 Ingenium engine and the 8 speed transmission work seamlessly. Yes, its a large 2.1 tonne SUV, and a 2L engine seems

far too small, but it works. You can opt for the 3L diesel if you want a bit more power, but I didn't have any issues. My camera guy wanted to test out the Disco, but ended up putting it in a large ditch, leaving one rear wheel about a foot in the air—after he freaked out and I got back in, the Discovery came out without a hitch, with just a little bit of power, like it was pulling out the driveway of your Grandmother's house.

You have some body roll, but much less than other SUVs of this size. Cornering is not really an issue, with the all wheel drive system giving power to the right wheels at the right time. If you are an off roader, the Discovery go through upto 900mm of water, with an awesome Wade Sensing feature that makes you feel like a 4x4 pro. By the time I got back from Kandy, I felt fresh, no pains, no aches.

"Ever since it first took to the streets, mud tracks and deserts in 1989, Discovery has blazed its own trail. From Alaska to Zambia, it has become synonymous with capability and versatility, whether off-road or in the city"

Jaguar Land Rover Limited