Carmudi Monthly 015 - Page 32


A complete revamp of the Discovery's looks compared to the previous version, with Land Rover moving away from the boxy body. While a change is welcome, there is a major split in opinion regarding the way the new Disco looks. Front on, everyone seems happy, the small front grille and wrap around head lights work well with the large vertical slits on the front bumper (these feed air to the brakes to prevent over heating). Even side on, the vehicle looks pretty good, with the iconic sloped C pillar still there, though more exaggerated in this version than those of old. Sitting comfortably on 22" rims (optional), the Disco looks more now a mix of urban and off road, a little less rugged but a

little more sophisticated. The complaints really start when we go around back. Maybe its just we have been programed to find symmetry beautiful, perhaps that's why people feel thrown by the off center placement of the number plates. Its not horrendous, but it just feels a little wrong for some reason. Having said that, I person–ally think that its something that you can easily learn to like. The LED tail lights look good, so its not all bad news from the back.

Sitting 212mm off the ground, there's very little the new Discovery can't get over, so whether you are driving to your fancy party by road or over a mountain, the Disco will have no issues doing it and still looking like it belongs at the black tie event.