Carmudi Monthly 015 - Page 26


The Germans make reliable luxury cars, the Italians, they make gorgeous ones. The Ghibli is very much a super car in sedan format, the easily identifiable Maserati front grill and the front hood that slopes down to meet it, you can see sparks of Ferrari radiating from its design.

The front face sits low, with a angry scowl that almost demands that other cars move out the way. This power translates across the body of the car as well, with the large wheel arches that rise up into the sloping C pillar, where its met with the Maserati Trident. The frameless doors provide for a stemless transition aided by the curves and lines, as your eyes flow from the front to the rear of the car.

From the back though, you do lose some of the charm, the whole thing some what of a boring affair, only interrupted by the quad exhausts that reminds you that there is a beast hidden inside.

Sitting on 19inch rims, the Ghibli styling isn't all for show, with a drag coefficient of just 0.29, it is more aerodynamic than its main rivals, the BMW M3 (0.34) and the Porsche Panamara (0.3).