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Hungarian Grand Prix Serves Up Some Intriguing Battles

The Hungarian Grand Prix recently concluded with a few interesting wins and losses on the Hungaroring racetrack in Mogyoród, Hungary.

Lewis Hamilton managed to pull out a surprise win after a rain, extending his world championship lead thanks to the support Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas was able to fend off Sebastian Vettel.

However, there was some controversy when Mercedes boss Toto Wolff said Bottas was a sensational wingman, something Bottas clearly did not like. Bottas suggested that he did not want to be considered as a supporting role to Hamilton. He went on to saying “First of all wingman hurts. Second of all, I don't see any positives in this race for me. I wanted a better result.”

Meanwhile, Red Bull Racing’s Max Verstappen had some harsh words for Renault, as the manufacturer's cars kept malfunctioning during the race. Though the Dutchman continued to shadow the Mercedes and Ferrari cars in the early stages of the Hungarian GP, the MGU-K failure, failed to match up to his expectations.

"Honestly, it's just not at all how it should be," said Max Verstappen. "You pay millions as a team for, you hope, a decent engine. But it keeps breaking down. We are also the slowest out there. Honestly at the moment, it's difficult to accept."

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