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Jaguar Land Rover Lands Official Vehicle Partnership for British Celebrity Chefs Visit to Sri Lanka

VIASL Will Only Import Vehicles That Comply With 'Euro 4' Emission Standards

SML Frontier Automotive, joined forces with Cinnamon Life Colombo, to become the official vehicle sponsor for the world-famous British celebrity chef Nigella Lawson’s visit to the island.

Nigella Lawson, dubbed as the ‘goddess of home cooking’ is a celebrity chef, culinary book author, and a popular TV personality from the UK. Lawson’s toured in Sri Lanka is a personal endeavour of her to experience the unique culture, atmosphere and of course, the culinary traditions of the island.

Her Sri Lankan experience went forward, quite literally, in a Jaguar XJ sedan and a brand new Range Rover that was provided to her by SML Frontier Automotive.

The XJ is a truly modern luxury car with an unrivalled performance and design. It comes with the latest cutting-edge driving technologies to ensure that its passengers are comfortable while enjoying the ride. The Range Rover, which is at the same level as the Jaguar XJ, excels at what it does best, offering an uncompromised off-road ride to its passengers while keeping the style.

Nevertheless, selected Jaguar Land Rover members were gifted with an autographed cookery book from Nigella Lawson, to celebrate the sponsorship and her visit to Sri Lanka.

The Vehicle Importers Association of Sri Lanka (VIASL) recently announced at a press conference that its members would only import vehicles that are compatible with the strict Euro 4 emission standards. The decision has come due to the government’s recent conclusion to shift to importing vehicles that are compliant with Euro 4 before the end of the year.

The Chairmen of VIASL, Ranjan Peiris, told to the press that the association is thankful to the government over its decision to introduce the Euro 4 vehicles emission standards to the island. The move is a right step towards protecting the air quality and the environment of our country, he further added.

Mr Peiris also had a request for the government. He mentioned that the VIASL is the oldest association in the country to import brand new vehicles, alongside those that are used. The majority of the imports are brand new with zero mileage. As such, it would be fair to categories VIASL imports as brand new, since the government is used to labelling association’s imports as used vehicles.

He also mentioned that the Association would like to request the Finance Ministry to introduce a new method to calculate the customs duty for used vehicles when importing to Sri Lanka.

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