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S AV E TIME & MONEY GRADUATES FROM ASSOCIATE’S DEGREE PROGRAMS EARN ONLY “$0.50 - $1.00 MORE PER HOUR”¹ THAN VOCATIONAL SCHOOL GRADUATES IN VETERINARY COMPARE THE VALUETECHNOLOGY. OF COMPLETING YOUR TR BUT… VETERINARY TECHNICIAN ASSOCIATE’S DEGREES TAKE UP TO 3 OR MORE YEARS TO COMPLETE AND RANGE FROM OVER $6,000 TO $24,000 IN TUITION COSTS ALONE. PICK YOUR BEST OPTION (239) 592-1219 | 1 Hourly Rate Information as quoted from Rick DeMars in an investigative article on Veterinary Technicians: available online at Online Associate Program costs sourced from the individual websites for the 7 AVMA Distance Learning Programs’ posted Fall 2013 tuition costs. Information deemed reliable, but not guaranteed.