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THE GROWING VETERINARY INDUSTRY The love and desire to help animals is the main reason most people become involved in the veterinary industry. Often, when people think of Veterinarians they think of the professionals that have helped their own pets. It is easy to picture working alongside a veterinarian providing medical assistance to animals. VARIETY OF SETTINGS Veterinarians can work in a variety of settings. Some are mobile working from a van that carries most of the tools they need when tending to horses, cattle, and sheep on rural farms. Others are in zoos working with exotic species, in processing facilities inspecting the safety of food, or in the lab working with samples from animals they have never seen. With the diversity to work in a variety of environments comes a greater chance for career satisfaction. Dr. Robert A. Dietl, chair of the American Veterinary Medical Association Membership Services Committee, offered one theory on why this is: "Veterinary medicine is very diversified, so there are many opportunities to find your niche. If I got out of veterinary school and tried large animal medicine out in the country and I didn't like it, I could try small animal veterinary medicine, research, or academia, or I could go into corporate medicine. There are a lot of opportunities in veterinary medicine, so you don't get pigeonholed in a career you don't enjoy." Comparable to most medical professions, the passion to help is often why men and women in the Veterinary industry are willing to work long hours covering many nights and weekends while risking injury during encounters with scared and sick animals. With the growing amount of pets among the retiring baby boomer generation, the field is highly regarded and, according to the Bureau of Labor statistics, expected to grow over 30 percent faster than average when compared to all occupations in the United States. As the need for more animal care grows so will the demand for veterinarians and all their support staff, including veterinary technicians and veterinary receptionists, that help run an office. By becoming educated and gaining experience now, animal lovers with the passion to help can be in a unique position to grow with the industry into a career they love. "VETERINARY MEDICINE IS VERY DIVERSIFIED, SO THERE ARE MANY OPPORTUNITIES TO FIND YOUR NICHE." 3 0% BY BECOMING EDUCATED AND GAINING EXPERIENCE NOW, ANIMAL LOVERS WITH THE PASSION TO HELP CAN BE IN A UNIQUE POSITION TO GROW WITH THE INDUSTRY INTO A CAREER THEY LOVE. Image courtesy of Khunaspix/