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Teaching Surgery with an App? | Clinical Innovators: An Interview with Steve Nissen, MD CardioSource WorldNews vol 5, no 1 / JANUARY 2016 A publication of the American College of Cardiology EXPERT COMMENTARY Fred Bove: Treating Disease at the Genetic Level…p.8 Kim Allan Williams: Transformational Governmental Changes at ACC…p.39 CLINICAL NEWS ‘Profound’ Overall Positive Effects of Cardiac Rehab…p.14 Obesity, Exercise, Obstructive Sleep Apnea: Modifiable Risk Factors for AF?…p.14 Depression, Subclinical CVD, and the Protective Effects of Physical Activity…p.15 The Post-AUC Landscape for PCI…p.16 Predicting Risk in Pediatric and Congenital Cardiac Catheterization…p.18 Regenerative Therapy: Stem Cells Generate More Interest…p.19 GENES and the HEART How do you price a cure?