CardioSource WorldNews July 2015

Medication Adherence and Your Patients | Business Consult: Staying Two Steps Ahead CardioSource WorldNews vol 4, no 7 / JULY 2015 A publication of the American College of Cardiology EXPERT COMMENTARY FRED BOVE: Building Better LVADs: Less a Bridge Than a Destination?…p. 9 JAMES JANUZZI, JR.: Practical Advice for Clinicians on the Imminent Arrival of hs-Troponin Assays…p. 29 CLINICAL NEWS Pediatric Congenital Heart Disease: A Total Population Story…p. 15 Young Adults, BP, and LV Function at Middle Age…p. 16 More Women Readmitted After MI…p. 18 ICDs in Older Patients After MI…p. 18 Diastolic Dysfunction and Comorbidities…p. 19 DESTINATION THERAPY Sex Differences in SelfManagement of CVD…p. 20 Where are we going exactly?