CardioSource WorldNews December 2014 - Page 2

IN THE TREATMENT OF ACUTE CORONARY SYNDROME DECISIONS TODAY CAN IMPACT A LIFE BRILINTA CAN HELP BEYOND 30 DAYS, BEYOND THE HOSPITAL, BETTER EFFICACY THAN CLOPIDOGREL AT 30 DAYS, BRILINTA plus aspirin reduced the primary composite end point of cardiovascular (CV) death, myocardial infarction (MI),* or stroke by 12% RRR† (ARR‡ 0.6%) vs clopidogrel plus aspirin.1,2§ AT 12 MONTHS, BRILINTA plus aspirin significantly reduced the primary composite end point by 16% RRR (ARR 1.9%) vs clopidogrel plus aspirin. The difference between treatments was driven by CV death and MI with no difference in stroke.1§ IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION ABOUT BRILINTA WARNING: (A) BLEEDING RISK, (B) ASPIRIN DOSE AND BRILINTA EFFECTIVENESS A. BLEEDING RISK B. ASPIRIN DOSE AND BRILINTA EFFECTIVENESS • BRILINTA, like other antiplatelet agents, can cause • Maintenance doses of aspirin above 100 mg significant, sometimes fatal, bleeding reduce the effectiveness of BRILINTA and should be avoided. After any initial dose, use with aspirin • Do not use BRILINTA in patients with active 75 mg - 100 mg per day pathological bleeding or a history of intracranial hemorrhage CONTRAINDICATIONS • Do not start BRILINTA in patients planned to undergo • BRILINTA is contraindicated in patients with a history urgent coronary artery bypass graft surgery (CABG). of intracranial hemorrhage and active pathological When possible, discontinue BRILINTA at least 5 days bleeding such as peptic ulcer or intracranial hemorrhage. prior to any surgery BRILINTA is contraindicated in patients with severe hepatic impairment because of a probable increase • Suspect bleeding in any patient who is hypotensive in exposure; it has not been studied in these patients. and has recently undergone coronary angiography, Severe hepatic impairment increases the risk of percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI), CABG, or bleeding because of reduced synthesis of coagulation other surgical procedures in the setting of BRILINTA proteins. BRILINTA is also contraindicated in patients • If possible, manage bleeding without discontinuing with hypersensitivity (eg, angioedema) to ticagrelor BRILINTA. Stopping BRILINTA increases the risk of or any component of the product subsequent cardiovascular events