CardioSource WorldNews August 2015

Health Tech: The Human Diagnosis Project | The Compensation Spectrum CardioSource WorldNews DOUBLETROUBLE vol 4, no 8 / AUGUST 2015 A publication of the American College of Cardiology EXPERT COMMENTARY fred bove: Heart and Kidney: An Inseparable Relationship…p.7 chip lavie: New Cardiac Medications: Great Opportunities and Tough Challenges…p.44 CLINICAL NEWS Older Adults Can Lower HF Risk with Healthy Lifestyle…p.20 Study Shows Wide Hospital Variation in CAS Outcomes…p.20 Triple Rule Out vs. Coronary CT Angiography in Chest Pain…p.21 Left Atrium Size in Athletes: Does Size Matter?…p.21 Alcohol Consumption Causes Damage to Older Hearts…p.22 Surgery Superior to Lifestyle Intervention for Type 2 Diabetes…p.25 Ablation vs. Amiodarone for AF in HF: Results from AATAC…p.27 The HeartKidney Nexus