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upcoming events Crazy Bowl: Oct.13 th , 19 th and 20 th , 2017 • Stock Market Challenge: Mar. 22, 2018 help bring JA’s education alive by providing real-life examples and first- hand accounts of success. Surveys among past participants show that JA garners results. JA alumni have a median household income that’s 20 percent higher than the U.S. median, are 143 percent more likely to have started a business than the general public, and 88 percent of alumni report they’re satisfied with their careers compared to only 49 percent of the general public. JA students have greater business acumen, are better prepared for the working world, demonstrate entrepreneurial spirit through innovation and initiative, and have a solid grasp of the life skills necessary for success. They also develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. Many former JA students have gone on to become business leaders in our community and many are active volunteers in JA classrooms today. Teachers and volunteers benefit, as well. Studies show that teachers who have worked with JA programs are re-energized and find themselves more able to teach economic fundamentals, often incorporating JA concepts into their own lesson plans. Employees indicate that volunteering with JA sharpened their organizational and presentation skills, improved their attitudes toward their employers, and provided great personal satisfaction. There is more demand for JA programs than resources to provide them, so JA encourages local business people to volunteer and the community as a whole to help with funding. JA’s “Invest in the Future” program offers various ways of partnering with JA. “We work with all partners to understand their philanthropic goals and to tailor their objectives to meet our needs to serve more children,” says Nelson. “The ultimate partnership between JA and the business community includes both volunteers and program funding. Our mission would not be realized without the community’s generous support.” PROFILE SPONSORED BY “This program has opened a door for me that I'll always be grateful for. Not only did this program get me hired at Starbucks, but it taught me life skills that seem to be left out in school." — Alyssa, High School Student | 2017 CAPITAL REGION CARES 97