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Sacramento Waldorf School AMAZING EDUCATION, AMAZING RESULTS appropriate approaches,” says Iglesias. “This education keeps alive childhood’s wonder and beauty and develops individual students into who they’re going to be. We prepare them for college, but more than that, we prepare them for life.” Part of that nurturing approach are parent-child classes with babies just a few months old taking part, as well as the school’s on-site farm, where students of all ages learn about nature, animal husbandry, and food cultivation. “Waldorf graduates are changing the world as lifelong learners,” notes Iglesias. “The cornerstone of what we teach is love of learning and creative flexible thinking – that’s what keeps people inter \Y[[\\[܂Z\H]\˸'BHXܘ[Y[[ܙYY\[\ۜܜ[™H[]HH[][]B^ܙH[Bٙ\Y[[[\Y[ٙ\Hܛ 8'H^\“X\[HY\X\YZ[\]܈وBXܘ[Y[[ܙ 8'[ܙY[\HH[\[]\وB]\H[HܚٛܘH[H[\Y\[HXH]K'B[[\[[Y[X\وB]ܚو[ܙH[ K [ܙܛYKHXܘ[Y[•[ܙ\ۙHوH\Xx&\]]H]M\[وܘYX]\[ۈYK\X\Y[ NMNH[Xܘ[Y[H]ۈ Xܙ\[Z\Z][ܙH[ Y[B[\\[Y LܘYK'\[\]YH\X[[HYX]\HH[8$XY X\ [[\[][Y[[BY\Z][ۈۈ[XZHZ\[X\XHYX][ۈ]Z[XH›[ܙHY[ˈH[\˜\[\\XYH[Y[Z\[\\ܘ[H܈Y[[ܜˈ8'\Y[\HH\[HY\\\XH\ٙ\8'BۘY\Y\X\ˈ8'X\HۜY\[H\[\[ܙX]H[Y][\\[\\^H\HZ\ۈ]\\[ۜY\\܈[\[[&\YX][ۈH[[[HXYH[ܜ&\XY\˸'BђSBӔԑQBPSԑԑ˜\XY˘H MTUSQSӈTTŽM