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artistic and academic achievements,” he says. “I p assed twelve AP tests and managed to get into two of the nation’s top acting schools. All of us at Future Sacramento know work is the only way we will make it to the top. We’ve faced obstacles, stereotypes and a society that doesn’t expect us to succeed. We live every day knowing we aren’t always wanted in certain places, or believed to be worth much. We have always been told that we are lesser.” Knowing I had a team encouraging and walking this path with me kept me going. I cannot thank Future Sacramento enough for allowing me to be part of something bigger than myself, something only my parents dreamt for me.” Saul Gutierrez, first-year freshman at UCLA, speaks of the monumental effort he’s put forth and how Future Sacramento ensures his efforts are rewarded. “I have worked my butt off in school and I plan on continuing that i n college because I am proud of my “Future Sacramento has given me courage to pursue my passion, confidence to overcome my insecurity, and support and encouragement to feel that I was good enough. Thank you from my heart, not only for the scholarship and the college career it helps me pursue, but for believing in me, because honestly, every kid could use more of that,” he says. Future Sacramento welcomes volunteers and mentors, and donors are greatly needed for funding scholarships. “Future Sacramento is an excellent steward of the donated dollar, ensuring all available resources are in place to help scholarship recipients through graduation,” concludes Marlow. “Come join us to help a student attend and succeed in college.” PROFILE SPONSORED BY FUTURESACRAMENTO.ORG | 916.241.9876 | 2017 CAPITAL REGION CARES 87