Capital Region Cares Capital Region Cares 2017-2018 - Page 56

n Feature BUFA comprises five black farmers, all retired from their previous careers, and is celebrating its two-year anniversary this summer. The group holds a contract to grow produce for the PUENTES CSA, as well as other CSAs serving Oakland, Marin and Sacramento. “The impact we’re making is educating people so they can see that food doesn’t just come from the supermar- ket,” Inez Aldridge says. “It comes from the soil and with everyone’s help, including the kids, we can create a sus- tainable community with healthy and fresh foods.” From one of the community gardeners to now farm- ing for PUENTES, the Aldridges have grown right along- side the organization. Terhune says it has been a great joy to observe how his organization has grown from a small community garden to the driving force behind urban ag- riculture in San Joaquin County. PUENTES has joined in an innovative partnership with San Joaquin County Healthy Retail and Mandela Marketplace to become a small-scale distributer for cor- ner stores and small restaurants that cannot afford to do business with larger distributors. Business owners will be able to visit the organization’s online platform to browse offerings and have appropriately sized orders delivered to their business every week. Starting in June, they launched a bi-monthly farmers market with EBT purchase options at Boggs Tract Commu- nity Farm. They will also launch an Urban Forestry project in partnership with California ReLeaf, Washington Ele- mentary School and the Port of Stockton to plant more than 200 trees to combat air quality. “PUENTES envisions neighborhoods throughout the re- gion — like Boggs Tract — that over time, will become more food secure, economically resilient and offer a healthier e Чf&VG22&W7VBbF&frWGv&bW&&w&Ц7VGW&R7FfFW2Bf&'W6W76W2( FW&VR62( vPfWrVvW"WG&FBVf&VFVƗG06VG&6VB77VW2( 6W&6RV'2g&VV6Rw&FW"VFF"BW&Ɨ7B6PV&VBFVw&VW2W&Ɨ6B&WFrg&67&VЧF7FFR&VB&RBwwr6W&6VV'6GvGFW"6W&6VV'Ur5ETE6FVBf"2#"7&W0G>( fVvWF&P67VFG&2FBR66&FrFFR6VFW'2f"F6V6R6G&@&WfVFbFRFg'VBbfVvWF&RƖ6P6VGvFCPFW&v'FV'Fw&FPbӓc3wwr67vF&b&p3sS&7FW"&Bf"24Sc#S`4D$Tt4$U2#r67F66r6Ц6FB&W6GvRfRF5BrFFRFFwwrfFƗFW&76VFW"&