Capital Region Cares Capital Region Cares 2017-2018 - Page 49

Sacramento area Animal coalition SERVING ANIMALS, FAMILIES, AND OUR COMMUNITY SINCE 1999 S acramento Area Animal Coalition (SAAC) may be small, but its results are mighty. Founded in 1999, this all- volunteer non-profit provides critical spay and neuter se rvices benefiting animals and caretakers. “Our mission is to reduce the number of animals entering Sacramento area animal shelters by providing affordable spay and neuter surgeries with an overarching goal of ending animal homelessness in Sacramento and Yolo counties,” says past president Alexis Raymond. With no headquarters and no paid staff, SAAC is able to put 95 percent of donations into its programs. All SAAC board members are volunteers with full-time jobs who dedicate their time to marketing, fundraising, and running programs. “We always welcome more volunteers to help with those duties,” adds president Jillian Hacker. SAAC also provides education and information online, providing links to other resources for low-income services. SAAC depends on partnerships with area veterinary clinics that perform the surgeries at discounted rates as a community service. One program issues vouchers and a list of participating clinics to low-income pet guardians who then may choose a convenient clinic and schedule an appointment. Clients pay a small co- payment to the clinic, and SAAC pays the balance. Another program tackles feral cat colonies, a community-wide problem. Many hard-working animal lovers manage these large colonies, feeding cats, trapping them, and bringing them in for spaying and neutering. Caregivers pay only $10 per cat, and SAAC pays the rewt. SACANIMAL.ORG Held every February, Spay Day is SAAC’s best-known program, offering spaying and neutering on a specific day to low-income families. Vaccinations and permanent identification through microchips are also offered that day. “We’re grateful for all funding sources – individual donors, business sponsors, and local municipalities’ grant money – and encourage businesses to help sponsor our Spay Days,” says Hacker. “Please help us provide the services that benefit animals, families, and entire communities.” | 2017 CAPITAL REGION CARES 49