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but it’s an important tool for keeping farmland in agriculture.” Muller, also a co-owner of Full Bel- ly Farm in Capay Valley, keeps a hand in the organization through organiz- ing their annual A Day In The Country event, usually held in September. “We were really the first organiza- tion to do Farm-To-Fork events,” Clark says. A Day In The County is always held on a Yolo County farm, and is open to everyone, though tickets go very fast, she says. For the event, Trust farmers donate ingredients to local chefs who then create dishes. For example, at the 2016 event, Sac- ramento’s Lucca Restaurant & Bar used lamb and tomatoes from Full Belly Farm, cinnamon basil from Rio Del Oro Botanicals, gypsy peppers from Capay Organic and Tokyo turnips from River- dog Farm to create a tagine with tomato and onion, sausage, lamb bacon and apricot jam. Clark says the event is “unparal- leled” in Northern California and all of the money from the event goes toward the Trust. Last year, they raised more than $75,000. In addition to their promotion of land conservation and the Farm-to- Fork movement, the Trust is heavily involved with habitat and native ani- mal protection. Members of the Trust recently ѥѕ ȴ)ѵЁ͠])Ց䰁 ɬ̰ͅѼɅ́)ѡȁѥ٥ѥ́ЁЁѡɸ)Iͥ]ЁMɅѼ+Pݹe1QЁ)MɅѼY ͕م丁Q)Ʌ݅́ͥѕ́ѽɕ)ѡѵи+q́ɕєѼ)ЁɽՍt ɬ̸ͅ+q]eɔ她Ѽɔѡɵ)ɔѼɽ܁ԁѡЁt)I䁥́ѡɵȁͽєѽ)ȁ ѽé饹=Qݥѕȁ)ɽ})ѽ͵܁ A%Q0I%=8 IL(