Capital Region Cares Capital Region Cares 2017-2018 - Page 43

n Opinion more than shelter KENN ALTINE, CEO, SACRAMENTO SPCA E very day, people reach out to the Sacramento SPCA be- cause they have a problem. Sometimes those problems are good ones: “I want to adopt a dog,” or “I’m at a point in my life where I’d like to volunteer” or “I want to donate but I don’t know what your greatest need is.” Other times, the problems are difficult and the people are in crisis: “I have to move and my new landlord won’t allow dogs,” or “I need to get my cat spayed but I can’t afford the surgery” or “My pet is old and I need help saying goodbye.” And every day, the Sacramento SPCA has trained staff and dedicated volunteers who say, “Let me help you.” Because here’s the secret about animal welfare — it’s actually about the people. The Sacramento SPCA has more programs designed for people than any other local animal welfare organization or agency. And while adoption is at the heart of what we do, we do more for the people who have an animal than for people who are looking to add an animal to their family. Consider this: In 2016, we helped find homes for more than 4,000 cats, dogs, rabbits, Guinea pigs and even some roosters. Hundreds more were reunited with their families after coming to us as strays. But that same year: • 18,127 families were able to get affordable — quite often free — spay/neuter surgeries for their pets • 14,025 low-cost vaccines were given to keep pets healthy through our weekly vaccination clinics • 6,850 students received humane education in their class- r