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916 Ink classes through their indepen- dent study programs. Zachariah, 19, graduated from high school last year and now volunteers in the Imaginar- ium classes. “We weren’t big writers beforehand, no kids really are. We de- cided to try the new creative classes and it was some of the most fun we’ve had in a class,” Zachariah says. Dominique, 17, is still enrolled as a student in independent study classes at Visions in Education, and also hopes to volunteer with 916 Ink in the future. “They do so much for their students, they tell us about events and promote other things that have to do with writ- ing and that’s been really helpful,” she says. With 18 different workshops run- ning throughout Sacramento, the organization is on its way. McCleary estimates that the program will serve 2,000 students this year, and up to 3,000 next year. Since 2012, an esti- mated 3,300 area students have been published in 80 books. “I think it’s giving kids a sense of community and helping them find their tribe,” she ̸ͅqQ́ݡ)ԁ܁Ёѥ́ݥѠѡ́ɽɅ)́ѡȁ̰ѡeɔɥѕ̸9)ѡ䁡ٔɥѥչ今t)1٤ݼ؁%Ց̰)ѕ%ɥմɥѥ͔)ɥ)Mݕ́ɕȁݡɥѕ)ЁɅٕ́ձɔMɅ)ՅѕɽMɅѼMхєݥѠش)ɹеɹʹɕݽɭ́)ЁɅٕձхи)ѽ͵܁ A%Q0I%=8 IL(