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B B B ST . ST . ST . 2018 THEATRE B STREET SEASON SEASON 2018 B STREET THEATRE SEASON 2018 B STREET ST . B THEATRE B OUR FIRST SEASON @ THE SOFIA ST . MAINSTAGE SERIES MAINSTAGE SERIES FAMILY SERIES FAMILY SERIES SERIES MAINSTAGE FAMILY SERIES B One Man, SEASON One Man, B 2018 B STREET THEATRE One B Man, MAINSTAGE SERIES FAMILY SERIES JAN 30–MAR 4 B STREET THEATRE SEASON FEB 20–MAR 11 JAN 30–MAR 4 2018 SEASON FEB 20–MAR 11 2018 B STREET THEATRE B JAN 30–MAR 4 ST . ST . ST . FEB 20–MAR 11 ST . Two Guvnors Two Guvnors RICHARD BEAN in 1986 by actor Timothy Busfield as Theatre For more than 25 years, B Street Theatre, a 501(c)3 organization, has been delighting audiences of all BY ages. Founded MAINSTAGE SERIES FAMILY SERIES Two Guvnors B SEASON STREET THEATRE SEASON JAN 30–MAR 4 FEB 2018 20–MAR 11 2018 THEATRE JAN 30–MAR 4 FEB 20–MAR 11 B STREET 2018 B STREET THEATRE SEASON 2018 B STREET THEATRE SEASON One MAR 27 – Man, APR 29 BY RICHARD BEAN BY RICHARD BEAN for Children, Inc. , the theatre expanded in 1991 when Timothy’s brother, Buck Busfield, joined him and together Today, BURCH the Theatre BY LYNDSAY MAR 27 – APR they 29 created B Street Theatre. BY LYNDSAY BURCH MUSIC BY NOAH AGRUSS on MAINSTAGE SERIES In 2016 the company FAMILY SERIES BURCH finest performs to approximately 70,000 and has become one BY of LYNDSAY our region’s performing arts organizations. broke ground MAR 27 people – APR annually, 29 MAINSTAGE SERIES SERIES MUSIC BY NOAH FAMILY AGRUSS MAINSTAGE SERIES FAMILY SERIES MUSIC BY NOAH AGRUSS dry MAINSTAGE SERIES FAMILY SERIES a new Capitol Avenue property which, in 2018, will be open to public performances of all kinds. The new arts complex, The Sofia Tsakopoulos Center for the dry ST February . dry JAN 4 11 Tsakopoulos family. “Because FEB 20–MAR JAN of 30–MAR 4 key supporters, the powder FEB 30–MAR 20–MAR RICHARD Arts (and affectionately called “The Sofia”), has been BY named in BEAN honor one of its Angelo K. and Sofia of the 11 family’s BY RICHARD BEAN powder JAN 30–MAR 4 APR 9–APR 29 FEB 20–MAR 11 JAN 30–MAR 4 FEB 20–MAR 11 BY SARAH BURGESS powder quiet pledge last spring, the future home of the B Street Theatre … is now rising in The Sutter APR District of Midtown,” said Buck Busfield. The Tsakopoulos family says it 9–APR 29 BY SARAH BY LYNDSAY BURCH MAR 27 – BURGESS APR 29 APR 9–APR 29 ST for . BY generations BY SARAH LYNDSAY BURCH is their MAR fervent will BURGESS promote the BY dramatic arts and the richness of our culture to come. 27 – wish APR that 29 The Sofia MUSIC NOAH AGRUSS MAY 8 – JUN 10 MUSIC BY NOAH AGRUSS dry MAY 8 – JUN 10 BY RICHARD BEAN dry MAY 8 – JUN 10 BY RICHARD BEAN One Man, Two Guvnors B Two Guvnors One Man, One SEASON Man, Guvnors B Two Guvnors 2018 STREET THEATRE One B Man, Two One Man, Two Guvnors Two Guvnors MAINSTAGE SERIES FAMILY SERIES MAINSTAGE SERIES FAMILY SERIES BY RICHARD BEAN B STREET THEATRE powder Airness 2018 BY LYNDSAY BURCH BY RICHARD BEAN MAR BY 29 27 – SEASON APR BURCH 29 powder LYNDSAY MAR 27 – APR 29 APR 9–APR Airness BY 9–APR SARAH BURGESS MUSIC BY NOAH AGRUSS BY MUSIC CHELSEA APR 29 BY MARCANTEL NOAH AGRUSS BY SARAH BURGESS Airness JAN 27 30–MAR 4 MAR – APR 29 MAR 27 – MARCANTEL APR FEB 20–MAR 11 29 BY LYNDSAY BURCH BY CHELSEA MAINSTAGE BY CHELSEA MARCANTEL MUSIC BY NOAH AGRUSS MAY 8 – JUN 10 BY LYNDSAY BURCH dry dry SERIES FAMILY MUSIC BY NOAH AGRUSS SERIES JUN 19 – JUL 22 powder dry powder ADAPTED BY LE CLANCHE DU RAND ADAPTED BY LE 4 CLANCHE DU RAND 30–MAR JUN 19 – JUL JAN 22 MAY 8 – Man, JUN )=)) dMI UIML))U8䃊L)U0ȁݑ)Qݼ)ٹ)ݑ)ɹ)ɹ)=(5d5)QAH)1)ͽ) dMAH)MI UIML) dMI )I% !I) 8+L)U8) d) UIML)Q1́ͽ) d !1M5I 9Q0)5H)AH()5d(LL)U8))U8䃊L)U0)AHÊM5H(MAH)()Q1)ͽ) dMI UIML)AHMAH() d9=I4)=MQH)5d(L)U8())U8))U0()5d(܃LLL)U8)U)M@()AHMAH)= P׊M9=X)= P׊M9=X) d !1M5I 9Q0= P׊M9=X) d9=I4=MQH) d9=I4=MQH)U܁T+LM@) d5d)1e9Md(L UI ))U8 d(I% !I 8)AQ d1 19 !)I9)AQ) d d)1) 19 !)T)5UM% )9= )IUML))U8+L)U0(ȁI9)Qݼٹ)ɹ)U܃LM@)ɹ)]eȁ d !1M)) =)5I 9Q0) d1e9Md UI ))U܃LM@)5H܃LAH)Qɹ)1)ͽ)ɹ)Qݑ)1́ͽ)])))) )=)= P(׊M9=X(Ё)U8)]eɔ =)(䃊L)U0) d !1M)5I 9Q0)9=I4 UIML)=MQH) d dMI )AQ d1 19 !TI9) d !1M5I 9Q0) d5UM% ) M%0 d)9= IUML)= P׊M9=X(Ё-I%59!0)AQ d1 19 !TI9))U8䃊L)U0)M@ԃL= P) dMAH)9=I45I 9Q0)=MQH) d !1M)AH() d M%0-I%59!0) d1 19 !)Tͽ)I9)Q)1)Qݑ)1́ͽAQ)AH()= PMAH(׊M9=X)M@ԃL= P)AQ%ɽչ) d)IIdH5=9Q=e) d M%0-I%59!0)AQ)U8) d)1) 19 !)U(܃L)U0)M@T(I9) dMI UIML) d)9=I4=MQH)AQ) d)IIdH5=9Q=e) d9=I4=MQH) d5IQe95)=,)AQ d1 19 !TI9)AQ d)IIdH5=9Q=e)= P׊M9=X)9=XÊM )])ȁ1)ͽ) =)Q)%ɽչ)%ɽչ) ɥѵ)1)) =)]dɹ)ɔ =]eɔQ) ɽ)) ɥѵ)ɝ)4) ɥ))) ɥѵ)1)ɔQ)) =)Q1])%ɽչ)])ɔ =)%ɽչ) ɽ ɽ)ɝ)4) ɥ)Q1́ͽ)M@ԃL= P)Qɹ)])ȁ1)ͽ) =) d9=I4)=MQH) d M%0)-I%59!0) d !1M5I 9Q0)UԀ܃L= P)M@()M@))U8䃊L)U0) d5IQe95)=,)= P d׊M9=X(Ё5dL)U8)9=I4)=MQHU܃LM@) d d) M%0)-I%59!0)5IQe95)=,9=XÊM )M@(Ԁ؀܃LL= P()U)M@()9=X) )AQ d) d1)IId)H)5=9Q=e) d) !1M)5I 9Q0) dT) M%0)9=X؃L AQ) 19 !)I9-I%59!0)M@(ԃLL)U0)= PȀ))U8) d5IQe95)=,)= P׊M9=X)U܀ЃLM@)9=XÊM )9=X(؃L )AQ d)IIdH5=9Q=e) d M%0-I%59!0) d5QQ!\1=Ah)AQ)1 19 !)TI9)M@ d)= PH5=9Q=e)AQ) dL)IId)9=XÊM () d U , UM%1)AQ d)IIdH5=9Q=e)%ɽչ9 AIP)) ɥѵ) ɥѵ)=M I59Q?eL!=QQMPIQL)Q1)Q1) ɽ(9QIQ%959PY9U ɥѵ)%ɽչ)) ɥѵ) ɽ)%ɽչ)ɝ)4) ɥ)MU M I% )Q=d)9)AIP Q)1)ɝ)4 ) AIP)Q)1) 9)MU M I% )Q=d)AIP) ɥ)])ɔ)=MU M I% Q=d=9) ɽ)M I59Q?eL)!=QQMP)IQL) ɽ)])ɔIQL)) )=)ɝ)4) ɥ)=M I59Q?eL!=QQMP))ɝ)4) ɥ)=)M I59Q?eL)!=QQMP)IQL()()9QIQ%959P)Y9U) ɥѵ(9QIQ%959P)Y9U)) ɥѵ)9QIQ%959P)Y9U)Q)1))Q1)MU M I% Q=d9 AIP ɽ) ɽ)MU M I% )Q=d9 AIP)ɝ)5 ɥ)ɝ)5 ɥ)9=XÊM )ɝ5 ɥ)= P׊M9=X)%ɽչ)Q)1́ͽ)5IQe9)5)=,) d d) M%0)-I%59!0) d9=I4=MQH)9=XԀ؃L= P) ()M@)U܃LM@) d5IQe95)=,)5QQ!\)1=Ah) d d) M%0)-I%59!0)9=X؃L )M@ԃL= P) d M%0-I%59!0) d U , UM%1) d U , UM%1) d5QQ!\1=Ah)= P(׊M9=X(Ѐ)9=X(+L) ()9=X(ÊM )MU M I% )Q=d) d5QQ!\1=Ah) d)5IQe9)5)=,)M@ԃL= P d(9=I4)AQ d)IId)H)5=9Q=e) d)5IQe9)5)=,)=MQH)AQ d)IIdH5=9Q=e)9=X؃L )9=XÊM () A%Q=0Y9U)M I59Q< (ظ̸) MQIQQ!QI=I)9=X؃L ( A%Q=0Y9U)U܃LM@ A%Q=0Y9U)9=XÊM (( A%Q=0Y9U)M I59Q< ) d U , UM%1)M I59Q< ) d d) U ,) UM%1)M I59Q< )5QQ!\)1=Ah(ظ̸(ظ̸)9=X؃L () MQIQQ!QI=I(ظ̸ d U , UM%1) d) U ,) UM%1) d M%0-I%59!0 MQIQQ!QI=I) d5QQ!\1=Ah) d5QQ!\1=Ah) MQIQQ!QI=I)AQ d)IIdH5=9Q=e( A%Q=0Y9U)ѽ͵܁ A%Q0I%=8 IL)M@ԁY9U+L= P)AQ d)IIdH5=9Q=e( A%Q=0)9=X dÊM ()5IQe95)=,)M I59Q< ( A%Q=0Y9U(