Capital Region Cares Capital Region Cares 2017-2018 - Page 20

n Philanthropy SMUD facilitates multiple community-based programs, including a partnership with the Sacramento Tree Founda- tion. SMUD has invested more than $1 million in the plant- ing of free shade trees throughout the area. Shade trees cool homes and businesses naturally, leading to lower energy use, which reduces customers’ electric bills and helps the environment. It’s a program that would seem to reduce the company’s usefulness, but Manuel says SMUD is more in- terested in benefitting the community than profiting from higher electricity bills. “For us, it’s more than just giving of dollars — it’s ex- pansion and distribution of resources to improve the community as a whole,” Manuel says. “We’re not-for- profit and we’re community-owned, so we have a really unique perspective on giving back to the community. Not just with low rates but also with programs and services.” ENGAGING EMPLOYEES In order to run a successful social responsibility platform, there has to be “a certain buy-in” from new employees, Ra- ley’s Minor explains. “We are a family-owned business and each employee feels as though they’re part of that family.” Every employee has the opportunity to opt into the com- pany’s employee giving campaign, where they can deduct a percentage or dollar amount from their paycheck to go toward one of three, rotating nonprofits, Minor says. This year, the three nonprofits chosen include Raley’s own non- profit Food For Families, Breathe California (an anti-smok- ing and clean-air organization) and iFoster, a group that helps foster youth who have aged out of the system. Raley’s customers can give back too: Every register has the option for customers to donate money to local charities, Minor says. “Their dollar, 100 percent, stays local,” she says. It sits in a Raley’s-operated account for selected charities to buy food at-cost from the supermarket. SMUD employees regularly participate in events such as the annual Veteran’s Day Parade, Run to Feed the Hun- gry and Wa Ʋ֖RW"6W2VV6266&FpF4TN( 2vV'6FRFV"VVW2VǒFFR&PFC3SF6&fG2Be5v&VVW2&V6VfRRBFV6V FB6&RW6VBFfVFVW"f"6&F&R6W6RFW66fVFVW"BRbFR6( 2&RWR6&P6Ɩ72f"WFGvvVV2W"V"vFWBFr@FRfbv6w27FfbF767BFVG2F&VvFP&Vv7G&F&6W726GV7B&RFW7FrVvFg&P#4D$Tt4$U2#r67F66r6Ч6VV7FBRv76W26VWGFGFWw262( ėB2r'GVGF7FW6FRg&W"FǐGWFW2vWBvƖ6RFvBƖfR2ƖRWRF7F.( 0ff6RB6VRr66W72FWR6&R66vRW'6( 0VƗGbƖfR( FFrFBFRWW&V6R( V6ǒG&2Цf&2VVW2F&76F'>( BvfW2FV6V6Pb&FRFRv&FWF( vRfR7FFr'VRFBvRvF6VЦVRFF5WFC#SF&v旦F"6&G 66gV7F( &vW'2b&rw&VVB62VVP6ǒFW6vFW2FBFV"FF&RF6VBR62ख#b&rw&VVBVVW2vW'2B6ЧG&7F'2vBFvWFW"FG'BfR&'&V2vF6V@BW&6&RfBFFFRFFR6W"fB&( v&&B&B( &vW'262( BFRF2VFpWFFRFFFVFƖRFR4TFRvBF@GF( WfW'Rv&VB&BBFVvRFWfW'PWBFFRג'VffWGB66W'BFBvBF( ФBDRTBbDRDf"'W6W76W2rFvfR&6vR6FVrFw&rFV"&GFƖR66&W76&ƗGB6&F&Pvfr&w&2VVBF&R&6VBvF6&RVVVG0ƖRƖvVBvF6fVW2WFVF2VVЧFFBVVR'F6F&R66FW&F2FFRF66VB&w&2ƖRF6R'V'&rw&VVB4TBe5B&W( 2VBFw&VFW"v&VW72vFFR6VЧGbFRvG2B6W'f6W2FV"6W2&fFRB272FW"FVBWBW"'F6R( Ė7FGWFv2G2FB6W2&R&RF7G'VVG2f vVW&FrWFW&R6fV6W2f"66Ɨ6p66WFW'6W2Bf"&fFrVvgVƗfVƖG0f"F6Rvv&FV( &&WW2FRf&W"766FRVFF"f"67F6( 2GvGFW"&&WW