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n Success story d o o g game SACRAMENTO ROTARY FOUNDATION’S ANNUAL GOLF 4 KIDS EVENT p h oto : co u rt e sy o f s ac r a m e n to rota ry fo u n dat i o n 144 CAPITAL REGION CARES 2017 | BY Robin Epley PHOTO: Ken James T his story starts back in 1922. That’s the year when a small group of Sacramento-based doctors combined their professional connections and their Rotary Club memberships to form a program that is now the longest- running Rotary fundraiser in the country. Those Sacramento Rotarian doc- tors started a fundraising event to provide medical services and braces for orthopedically-challenged chil- dren. Then, beginning in 1986, the fundraiser became an annual golf tournament. In 2005, it was renamed “Golf 4 Kids.” Today, Golf 4 Kids is a successful fundraiser supporting the differently-abled children’s programs at four local schools: Ralph Richard- son Center, Luther Burbank High School, Fern Bacon Middle School and Bowling Green Charter School. The Rotary Foundation, which or- ganizes the event, is the charity arm of the Sacramento Rotary Club. In 1922, when the fundraiser was just a club-sponsored event, members raised just over $1,900 (the equiva- lent of nearly $3 million today), and the event has distributed more than $4 million since it began. When the foundation was incorporated in 1971, the annual event became a founda- tion fundraiser. Last year, members raised $39,317. “I think it ref lects a clearly de- fined need in the community,” says