Capital Region Cares Capital Region Cares 2017-2018 - Page 143

Projections for the 2015 Music Circus production of Hair were created by Adam Flemming, and show just what the state-of-the-art projection system can add to a show. allows for visuals (such as video and still animations) to be projected on the theater walls. According to Klier, the system also allows the production team to have more fluidity in how they stage a show; for example, if a projec- tion isn’t working right on opening night, it’s much easier to change it out than to create new physical props or set designs. “When we’ve produced the show before, we were only able to tell [the opening scenes] in a very crude way, [using] poster banners that were held by actors in the aisles of the surround- ing theater,” he says. “Now we’ll be able to fully animate it and each sec- tion will get the very same perspective on that pre-show tale that lays the groundwork for what the next two hours has in store.” Ulich notes the uniqueness of this type of grant, “It was decided by council that this would be dedicated to essentially facilities grants or capi- tal improvement grants which is a very rare kind of grant to get,” she says. “It’s capacity building for an organization, in that they now have an opportuni- ty to actually invest into their capital structure. So for us to be able to do that was just priceless in my opinion.” n Jennifer Snyder is a writer, editor and podcast host. Catch her weekly show, Creating Your ۈ] \]\\\H]Z[XK܈[ܙK\]˚[Y\\۞Y\K\XY˘H MTUSQSӈTT•[X^\ˈHX]\\[B[X\ٝ[H\X[]Y^H[X]H[8%HKB]Z\[Y[وHܘ[ 8'^H]BHXXܙ Hۛ[x&\Hܘ[[[[ܙKB^][ۈZH\]]\H[\Y[ 'HHY][ܙ[^][ۜZH\HXZ]Bܘ[[ۙ^H][Y\[B\][]Z\Y\][ H[][]H[Y]Y؈ܙX][ۈ[ܙX]\X\[ Y[Y\ܘ[\˂[YܛXH]\X[X]HBX[\\X\X܈Y\^\HڙX[ۈ\[HܙX]\[B[]HX[]Y\܈HܚY\˜\H[HX]\H\]Z\Y[M