Capital Region Cares Capital Region Cares 2017-2018 - Page 141

n Opinion fostering community KATHLEEN HARMON, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, AMADOR COMMUNITY FOUNDATION W e all want to make a difference; that is human na- ture. Investing in your community’s future, giving someone the same opportunity in life that others once gave you, creating a legacy for your family or setting an example for younger generations makes sense. With the help of a community foundation, you can ensure the finan- cial security of your loved ones while supporting causes that matter. Regardless of the reasons that cause you to give back, donors have important — and often complicated — deci- sions to make. The Amador Community Foundation, es- tablished in 1999, was created to help our residents find the answers to philanthropic questions. Community foundations have a long tradition of help- ing to bring about thoughtful, effective change. As 501(c) (3) tax-exempt public charities, they enable people to easily and effectively support the issues they care about, includ- ing education, youth, arts, social services, environment, recreation, public health and more. Community foundations do this by helping individu- als, families and businesses establish their own charita- ble funds to which they may contribute a variety of assets. Grants are made from these funds to nonprofit agencies in order to meet the charitable goals of the donors, and their families may be actively involved in the selection of the nonprofit groups and individuals who receive these grants. They can be made in the donor’s name or anonymously. Amador Community F [][ۈ\[Y\ۛ BYHو\[][]KH[XZ[[\[Y\[YYš[ܙ\\ۙ]ZXH[YX][KۛܜۋBٚ]XY\[[XYٙXX[ܚ]\\ܙX]\][[[Y\[[\[][]KBܘ[ݙ\ L [X[HڙX[ۜٚ]]YYH[\XY[[Z[܈\Z[HڙX \H\H\H]و\ڙX΂[ M[H]H\H\YY[ܙH[ Xܙ\[X\H K Y\HY]]SPH[\Y[Y\][H[XZ[ [Z\Y[ܙH[ [\[][]K\\[ۜܜ\ܘ[H\^[]KHۋB܈[]\\Xݙ\H[ܙ[^][ۈ][KBZ[Y\[]\Y\\\\ˈ^Hܙ[]HB[Y\[Y[ۙ\[HHݚYHH L JJ Bݙ\Y H\HY\܈ [ڙX˂Y]]YX][ۈ]H[\XYH]X[]Hق[ \[YYX][ۈ܈\[] Hܘ[[ܙH[ L XXYX\[]\X\ [XH[\X[YX][ۈ[\[]\]\[\\[[[ܙH[ L ]\HYX\]X[YYY ܘYKB][Y[[ܜˈH\H[[ۙY\[H8'KB\Hܘ[x'H܈\[][]K[Y[XY܈Z\K]\H[][]K[YYܝZ[[[Y[]^ B[YH[\Y\[ۜ܈[XY܈[H[] ]\H[\]YH\\\ܘ[H]Y[H[XY܂[H[YYY\X [XY܈[][]H[B][ۈ[[YܛXH\\K[XY܈[H\X[\ܞK[H[X[BܚY]H]Hو]\ܙYZX]Z\HHۚY[KHY\X\YHۚY[H[X[B[ [HXZ[Z[H[\Z[\\܋BXX\\KYH[XY܈[][]H[][ۈY^\ HX]Z\][ۈ[X[Y[Y[و\\ܚX\\ۈ[H[XX[H[]HY[YX[ Y[\XK\HYY[]\[][\[\Y[ۈ\H[][]H\[]]]\]Z]HٙHܛ[ۙHو\ۛܜݙYHYXHوH[][]H\[H\HXH[H\\[ݚYH[[܈B^YX\H\[\X\ٝ[H[\\Z[XK[XY܈[][]H[][ۈ[Y]\[[[B[H]\[]\HوH[H[\[\]YHKB][]HHۛX[[H\HY\H]]\\]X]\H\HHZXH܈[[X][[[XY܈[KXHXY]HH\X[\KB][]K\[[Z\YYۛܚ[ۛ܈[[[XZ[Z[[H[][۸&\[Yܚ]KۙH۝\][ۂ[[H[\YH[H]\و\ˈX\H[\[XZ[[XY܈[HH]\XH]H^H[܂[\][ۜYK\XY˘H MTUSQSӈTTŒM