Capital Region Cares Capital Region Cares 2017-2018 - Page 139

So far this market disruption has not yet fully played out. The local fi- nancial advisers and estate planners that community foundations tend to build their philanthropic relation- ships and business models around are still here today. Most in the community founda- tion universe see the concern, though some disagree on the level of concern. They believe foundations provide something unique. “There are per- haps less expensive donor-advised funds in the commercial market,” says Veronica Blake, CEO of Placer Com- munity Foundation, but automated financial planning services and be- hemoths like Fidelity and Charles PHOTO: COURTESY OF AMADOR COMMUNITY FOUNDATION Schwab know nothing of the local community. “We’ll never compete on price, but I think that the service that we provide to donors Often, says Kathleen Harmon of the Amador Community and the connectivity to the community is why donors do Foundation, “people have no idea what a community foun- dation does.” use community foundations,” Blake says. This appears to be the selling point for most of the na- tion’s community foundations. They know their regions’ STRANGERS IN TOWN strengths and weaknesses better than anyone else, and An international firm doesn’t know what the loc [\Y\^H\H[\]Y[HXYY\HXZۙ\\˂\K[\^\ˈ8'^x&\H[XZHHۛXB']\H[][]H[][ۈ\\H]H]Y\H[ۜ܈[K8'HH^\ˈ8'^x&\H\HZXHۛK[ 8'H^\[H[\وH[\]Z[[][]Hx&\H]X[ܙK'B[][ۋ8'H[\ۈH[]YX[YYو\[H[YH^H]XX[][]x&\YY\B[][]Y\˸'H[\^\H[\]Z[[][]H[\]YK]\H[][ۈ\]]ۈYH[[ۙ]\B[][ۋ[Y[ L[]\]HYX\ۈY H[[][]H][Y[ X][ۈ[]XX []8&\ۛH[[H^Z[ٙ]HX[]\[[YܛXx&\[][]H[KB'[H\H\[]HYXHHX[H]H[ۜ[\\ܝY]\[\X[Y[Y[[Y^\Y[YYH[Y[\ܛݙ\H\\HH  [[ۈ]H[Xۈ[^H[][]H[BYX\8'HH^\˂][ۈ8%XX[H[[H[[ۈ\BH[[][]H[][ۋ܈[[KHXX&\X\X\\8%8'[\ LZ[[۸'H]\\ۈYX][ۈ8%\ YܘYHXY[[[ YܘYHH]x&\X[\[][ۜˈ[\]Z[[X\X][\X[\ۛۈ\8'[XYX\'H][\ܝY LZ[[ۈ[ M HZ[[ۋ\X][KXܘKBYXX\[[HXXۙY\[X\[HY[Y[ۘ[[][]H[][ۈ\\ݙ\ LBKH[][ۈ\[Z[[][]H\ܝ܈Yܙ HZ[[ۋXH\[ˈH[XY܈[][]H[][ۈX[BۘHH[][]H[][ۈ\[][[ܙ] BX\XYYH[\ZYۈ]HHY[\[\HX[H۝[Hܙ]\]Y^H[۝[YHœ]\[[]H] \Y[ۈHY]˂^\Y[Hܛ \Hܛ\YYY\[[\\B[وHY[۸&\[][]H[][ۜ\ܝY[[Z\Y[ۜ][[YY[ۘ\]ۙY[H[H]\Kۙ\]\[\\[ܙX\Y H[][]H[][ۈۘ\ ٝ[][\˜\XY˘H MTUSQSӈTTŒL