Capital Region Cares Capital Region Cares 2017-2018 - Page 129

n Opinion A Taste of Home LORAINE BROWNING, PRESIDENT, THE SACRAMENTO BLUE STAR MOMS B We store donated items in two climate-controlled stor- age units: one unit is for food items and the other is for hy- giene items. (Nothing tastes worse than a snack that has absorbed the perfume of a bar of soap.) Each care package includes a book or magazine, a protein (such as canned/ dried meat and nuts), snacks, dried or canned fruit, per- sonal and dental hygiene items, socks, a game and lots of cards and letters from home. Service members on deploy- ment deserve to receive items of good quality. Our members sort, inventory and check the expiration date on all items received. We do not ship expired food, opened hotel soaps and shampoos, used clothing or bulk sized items. We receive all kinds of cards and letters from students and service organizations that we include in the boxes. Our members read each card or letter to ensure the written communication sends a happy message of support, appre- ciation and gratitude. The Sacramento Blue Star Moms ship over 1,600 care packages each ye \H[[[H[Y]HH݋B\Y[\H\HXY\܈YK]]\H\K\HXY\\H\YYHKˈٙXH[\K[ܚ]HXZ[Z[]\H\ˈH]Z[\ۙH\ MˌK\ܙX]\[[\\BZ\[[܈HوYH[XZ][ۘ]Y][\][H\YYH]X[]K^H܈XBY[ˈHܚ][ۛ[HXZ[\XH]YX\HYK]\YH\H[ݙ\ XXYX\HH][Z\\[H[Hۈ[KBYX[[ܜܘ]HۜܜZ\H]X [YYY[˂H[^\ܜHXXYX\X]Z\[[Y[ۙ^Hœ\[HX]\ۘ]Y \[X[]\[&\^H[][]HX[][[]H][H]\[Y[[ܚX[[ۈ]\^K݋ N  M˂܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۈۈXܘ[Y[YH\[\\]˔Xܘ[Y[ЛYT\[\˛ܙ܈[XZ[\ BܝXܘ[Y[؛Y\\[\˛ܙˈ\XY˘H MTUSQSӈTT™Z[\YY[[[[۝]^HH[\[Z[H[YH[Hۙ[K\[\ٝ[ ][Y[ZHH[H[ܛ[HYXYBܙX][H[[\]X[H[Z\YY\[XZHHܛH]\XKXZ][\HXY\[]\HYH[Z[›\]^H\HݙY[\XX]Y[H^B\H]^KHXܘ[Y[\\وYH\[\ق[Y\XH\Y[[[H]H8'\HوYx'HXYݚ[H[\HXY\[H KYH\[\و[Y\XH\[Y[ NM \[ܛ\RH[\\YHۙܙ\[ NM YH\[\]HH[܈[[\[[BKˈ\YYܘ\8%[H[Z[HYHH]H[\]HYܙ\[HYH\[[[Z\[ˈۈB[\\H\HYH\܈XX[]\\˂HXܘ[Y[\\وYH\[\[šۛۈ\Xܘ[Y[YH\[\\\H[]KB]Y\[]X\[H[Xܘ[Y[[KZB[\\وYH\[\و[Y\XKH\HH L JL›ۋ\ٚ]ܙ[^][ۋH\HHۋ\\\[ۋ\]KB[[ۋ\X\X[ܙ[^][ۋH\ܝ[B]X[[Y]H܈H[ܜH[H[Y[\ܙ[KB][ۋHZ[]\H\\[[\Xو[Y\XK[\\ܙ[^][ۋHݚYH\ܝ[\][[[BZ[]\K\\HXY\\YY\XHY[X\\ܝ]\[ܙ[^][ۜ[H][\K[KBY[X\\[[[\ܝZ\[Z[HY[X\˂YH\[\[Y]H\H\Hܜ[][ۈ]Y[H][و\ܝH\XHY[X\XZ]\[H^B\H\YY[Z\X[]H[][ۈۘH^HYBYNH[ܙH\ܝ HX\Y\H[][ۋ[H\ܝ[YHH[]\KHXܘ[Y[BYH\[\X][HYZZYHܙ[KB][ۜ\[\\[H[][]H]\H[\BXY\]\]\ۘX[][\وYܝHYKH\Hٝ[]\ܙ[^][ۈ\™[Y[ۛ[HX\ۈ\\\YY\XHY[X\[HXܘ[Y[Y[ۋHXZ]H[\[[[ۘ][ۜHH[][]K[\Y[X\[\X]\\H[Y\[H]BZYٙX\܈YL