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Saint John's Program for Real Change “NOTHING IN LIFE WILL WORK UNLESS YOU DO.” M any organizations strive to help women in need — those struggling with substance abuse, a violent home, or living on the streets in need of food and shelter. The causes of these organizations are similar to Saint John’s, however, there is a dramatic difference in how they confront these critical issues. Saint John’s Program for Real Change began in 1985 at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Sacramento as an overnight shelter for homeless women and children. Today, they help women become self-sustaining, and the primary providers for their families. Safe and communal shelter remain critical components, but the core of today's program is case management, mental health therapy, addiction counseling, educational and life improvement classes, childcare, and transportation. In a landmark 116 CAPITAL REGION CARES 2017 | approach to helping women re-enter the mainstream, they participate in job training at one of three social enterprises, Plates Café & Catering, Plates Midtown, and First Steps Child Development Center. Ninety-six percent of Saint John’s employment training graduates are placed in non- subsidized employment! Saint John’s works with the whole family to counteract the devastating effects of generational poverty and homelessness. The women and children experience the benefits of living in a safe, structured and predictable environment. Children develop positive social interactions, while mothers learn to role model positive behaviors for their children—and the vicious cycle begins to crumble. Saint John’s operates at full-capacity serving 180 women and children daily with more than 250 women and children on the waiting list. With the SAINTJOHNSPROGRAM.ORG —MAYA ANGELOU acquisition of a new building adjacent to their current facility, they will soon serve an additional 90 women and children daily. “We are nearly half way there in funding this expansion and would so appreciate your help in getting us over the finish line! This expansion will not work… unless we do,” concludes Michele Steeb, Saint John’s CEO. PROFILE SPONSORED BY