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n Feature short,” she says. “We have a very short period of time to make an impact.” UNINTENDED OUTCOMES Bill Ryland is concerned about how the new regulations will impact his non- profit and others like it. A 29-year vet- eran with Koinonia Family Services, Ryland serves as director of Koinonia Homes for Teens & Treatment Clinic, a residential treatment program for foster teens. The state has mandated foster youth spend no more than six months in a short-term residential therapeutic program. Most of Ryland’s programs are between nine and 12 months. “The state is expecting 6,000 very high-need kids to be taken in by sin- gle-family homes. That won’t happen. They are going to have to revise the legislation to fit the reality,” he says. “When you have a child who is abused and has attachment disorder, just be- cause they are in a single family home, that does not mean they will automat- ically attach.” Koinonia’s residential program of- fers a drug and alcohol program with a treatment clinic, as well as an accred- ited public school. To warrant the level of treatment that Koinonia provides, children placed there have already failed in other foster care settings. “We provide 12 hours of treatment a week and are fully committed to it,” Ryland says, “and to expect families to be able to duplicate that is unrealistic.” Ryland believes we could lose a generation of kids through this “test- crash dummy approach.” “The state is saying we don’t want kids in group care. We aren’t group care, we are treatment,” he says. Ryland is cur- rently working to increase staffing to comply with the new regulations. “The whole point of the legislation is de- manding a continuum of care, but not readily accommodating it. We are big enough and old enough to make the 110 CAPITAL REGION CARES 2017 | switch, but not everyone is,” he says. “We will lose a lot of our peers.” While there are excellent provid- ers who have brought in mental health and wrap-around services, and have a high-quality progr [H]\]KBXKZ[ܛYY [\H\][]]][ 'HY[ZHԈ\^Z[[B\ܛ\Y\]\H]\šY[\ 8&\\\HH[B\YK8&x'H[\^\˂']X^H[[Z[]HYHܛ\YBݚY\]\H[[܈XBݚYH\HY \]X[]H\X\]Hۙ\ Y\\H] [YݚY\\HXH] [X^XH^H\HH\BY\H\[\[][ۋ'BZX[H[Z\\]H\XB܈و[X]H\X\܈B[HوXܘ[Y[\ܚ[›ۈ[ܙX\[H\X]H][]˜[][]H[YKX\Y][\[[ۈHܛ\Y\ˈH^\H[H\KB]Y\Y^HYXܝZ][ܙB[X[\[Z[Y\[[[ܚ[H]\Y[Y\›X\HZ\]YY\˂[\H]Y\][ۋ[KB\^\[[۸&]]H[BX[Y[]H\X\[\ Bܝ^HYY YX[K\H[BY\[H[X\\X\]B[H\YK[]]x&\YH܂H\[Z[HY[HYK8'YH\BXH\YXH[ \H[B]\X[Y[[\8'H[Z\œ^\8'HX[[\]\XKB[H[H[ܙH[Y[HX[\'B܈\\]X[H]]H]KBYK[Z\\Y[[YH[KB[ۘ[[Z\ 8'H[H[Y]H]\B[\YXHYH[H\\X\[\ܝ[XH]\[]\\؋[XܘKB[ۈ]\\\B܈[[[[Z[Y\][Y^B۸&]]H] 'BY\H[X[\]Y [B\]ZXHK8'H\][][^\XH[H[ܚ][\و\ X[ X\HX[]Y\[Y[\[\8'HH^\ˈ8'[]\^H^][Hܛ 'H]\ܝ\[KHYY܂X[HYX\[[[YHYKB\ˈ8'] N H\\H[\\Y܈Hܛ \H[XH\H܂^\[X]\HوH]\HوB[]][ۘ[^][ۈ]\[[]\H[Z\[[ܛ\\BX[]Y\˸'H[[KH\[Y[[B\YY\H[][]H BYK[][X[HH[Y][X]H[]\]H\HBX\YX[ܸ&\[X\\&\KBܙY\[X[ܚ˂'ݙ\[ \\ؘXHHYB\YܛHوH[YܛXH\\B\[H[XY\[YۚYX[B[\H\H܈\[] 8'B[\^\ˈ8'^HH\]\H][ܙH[]]وۙܙY]B\H][[[[ܙH[][]B[[Z[H][H[YH]\]Y\˸'B\Yۈ\^\Y[\]\[XY\H܈[\ݙ[Y[ '^H[YH[\\H\YKB[Y\ ][HY 8'HH^\˂'YHY[[X\Y\X^XBH[&]]HY[[ܞH[[]HY[YYۙ\[X^XH^H[]H[Y^B\\'H[8&\H\Y[[YBX\]XK]\YH][]KP\\H۝X] B[ܚ]\[Y]܈܈ۜ[Y\XBX][ۜܝ[H L \[Y\X[\[\[Y\YX][ۋH\ܚ][܈[ T[Y]\[ KH ܝ[\]Y H[\ˈۈ]\]\YX\܂˝ܙ^X[][X][ۜ˘K