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Greater sacramento Urban league ACHIEVING ECONOMIC SELF-RELIANCE F ounded in 1968, the Greater Sacramento Urban League (GSUL) approaches 50 years of addressing disparity issues affecting youth and adults in the Capital Re- gion. It remains authentic to its mis- sion — providing the underserved with education, job training and placement opportunities to achieve economic self- reliance. GSUL programs address not only education and employment issues, but housing, health, and much more. In addition to its Job Center, GSUL programs include Adult High School, Housing Counseling, Youth Empow- ered for Success, Reduction of Afri- can American Child Death, Job Fairs, and Career Technical Education that includes courses in office technology, Certified Nursing Assistant, and custo- dial training. “Among a growing array of pro- grams, our core services help people achieve their high school diplomas and train and prepare them for jobs,” says Cassandra Jennings, President and CEO. 102 CAPITAL REGION CARES 2017 | “We also cultivate relationships with employers, both in the private and pub- lic sector, so they may provide intern- ships or hire those coming through our programs.” In advocacy and outreach, the GSUL promotes policies for systemic change and improving communities with the philosophy that environment greatly affects individuals striving for success or new beginnings. GSUL is lo- cated in Del Paso Heights and recently opened a satellite office in Oak Park, a prime example of a revitalized com- munity. Innovative and strategic partner- ships are crucial to the GSUL’s work. “We actively seek private sector partners to support service delivery and diversify our budget which is largely made up of government grants,” says Jennings. “Foundation and Corporate funding allows us to better enact change in the communities we serve … generosity enables us to not turn anyone away.” GSUL.ORG PROFILE SPONSORED BY "We at U.S. Bank are fueled by a commitment to do the right thing. Every dollar we pledge, every hour we volunteer and every step we take toward building stronger financial futures is an opportunity to establish trust and lay a foundation that leads to sustained, positive change. Our partnership with the GSUL is a great example of our commitment to helping create stable jobs, home ownership opportunities and a community connected through culture, arts, recreation and play." — Pamela R Maxwell, Vice President, Community Development Manager, U.S. Bank