Capital Region Cares Capital Region Cares 2017-2018 - Page 101

California Ymca O Youth & Government ur communities, our nation, and our planet face challenges that will require committed leadership to solve. California YMCA Youth & Government seeks to inspire young people to become those committed leaders, and to provide them with the tools they will need to become leaders of change. For 70 years, California YMCA Youth & Government has provided middle and high school youth throughout the state and Greater Sacramento area the opportunity to learn about a wide variety of issues affecting their communities, our state, nation, and world. “We strive to develop critical thinking and public speaking skills that allow our students to articulate and act upon their beliefs by providing them a platform for service learning, s X[\ۜX[]H[\ۘ[][Y[ 8'H^\XYBX[X Sˈ8'\ܘ[\][[YY]^[\H[\Y˜YX]]H[H[Z\\[\H[][]Y\[X^B]K'BXXYX\[YܛXHSPH[] ݙ\Y[ݚY\[ܙH[ L []H]ܛH[Z\X\[X\\H[H\]]B[H[\^H[][ۈ[˜YH[^[ۙ 'H\HH[Y\Y][ܙ[^][ۋ[[ٙ\\ܘ[[Z[]]H[YH[[[[\\Hۘ]YH\[Y\˂LM ˎM SSPKԑ•H[]HHXܘ[Y[˜[][]H^\Y[H[]ݙ\Y[[HX[Bܝ[]Y\[Y\\H\B][\H^\XYH[Y[[\[]\HXY\[]][H[\XHXܘ[Y[˜[][]H[^[ۙ 8'HۘY\‘X[X \XY˘H MTUSQSӈTTŒL