CAPG Health, the Voice of Accountable Physician Groups Volume 8, No. 5 - Page 3

Knowing when your patient is hospice appropriate is critical Studies have shown a 40–50% decrease in hospitalizations for patients who were appropriately referred to hospice. A collaboration with VITAS benefits physicians and their patients: • You can provide your patients with more care choices, including palliative care when appropriate. • For physicians, making VITAS a part of the continuum of care can curb the rising costs associated with rehospitalizations and improve quality ratings, which lowers the risk of reduced reimbursement. • For our partners in care, VITAS brings added resources to the bedside, which helps keep residents at home and out of the hospital. Learn more. Visit VITAS at the CAPG Colloquium event! 1.800.93.VITAS • 1.800.938.4827 •