Canoe Focus Winter 2017 - Page 4

4 Welcome to the Winter Issue of Canoe Focus How time flies. It’s early December again, my second year within British Canoeing is drawing to a close and what a year it has been. Before I review 2017 and look ahead to the New year, I am pleased to share some exciting news about Canoe Focus. Many members have requested that we find a way to bring back a printed “Focus” and we have! On the 06 December we announced a new partnership with Peter Tranter and Anne Egan who publish The Paddler Magazine. From March 2018, all members of British Canoeing (in England) will receive 6 issues of the digital version of The Paddler as part of their membership. The new Paddler will incorporate 24 pages of Canoe Focus. In addition a quality print version will also be available at a reduced subscription price of £20.99 for the 6 issues. British Canoeing will also be sending 2 print copies to each club as part of the club subscription. I hope you will enjoy this fantastic new benefit of membership. We launched our new strategy, Stronger Together in March. We listened, drafted, redrafted and created a plan which is already helping to build a more united British Canoeing. Big steps forward have been taken in coaching, with the new and much improved Coach Award designed and the new work force trained and in place to start delivery from January (page 44). We also consulted widely to redesign the membership packages which will be relaunched in April 2018. The introduction of the Club Associate Membership should lead to us communicating more directly with another 30,000 members. Pleasingly membership has also grown this year to 35,000, which is a small but significant step towards our goal of 75,000 members by 2021. There has been huge success in designing and promoting canoe trails which continues to be one of the most visited parts of our web site. We now have 137 trails published and well on the way to our target of 150. Go Canoeing Week produced fantastic engagement as 13,008 people recorded their miles in search of their own big adventure, exceededing our target. We engaged strongly with the Welsh Government in their consultation to bring about clarity in legislation and the right to share the water and paddle responsibly in rivers and inland waterways in Wales. Internationally we had another amazing year with our athletes winning 35 bronze, 25 silver and 30 gold medals in European and World Championships across the disciplines (Page 29). A particular congrats should go to Liam Heath, Jeanette Chippington, Emma Wiggs, Claire O’hara and Mal Franklin who all stepped onto their podiums to receive Senior World Championship Gold medals in 2017. A full round up is available on pages 29-31. 2018 saw elite sport under the spotlight for the wrong reasons and we were not exempt from this. During 2017 we have made great progress in working with our athletes and coaches to build the healthy culture which will allow athletes to flourish and thrive. We will of course be producing a full round up of the year and sharing this with you at the 5ɍ(กQ́ͥ͡ͱݥȁЁ啅ȸ)%ݔݥ͡չ)́5ѼЁͥȁѼ)ɵѥЁ́Ѽ]ݥͼ)ɕչ͡܁Ս)ɽٕхЁɥ䁵͡)љɴɥхՈ)ЁѽمȁՉ́ɥѡ啅ȸ)$ЁѼ͕ɽٕ́ɽչՈ)ٽչѕȁɕѥѡЁѡ)ѡ啅ȁ䁵ɔՉ́ݥٕɔ)ɽѡЁѡ䁅ɔЁ ɥѥ͠ )%Ё́Ѽѡȁ䁉Ёո啅ȸ)I= -P)ȁȁѡЁɅѥѡӊéɕ䁙ȁѥ)ٕɔ=ȁ܁IЁ́ݼ͕)ݥѠѡIЁаѡ䁉Ѡ䁹ݥѠѡ)ɕЁȁ́ͥ镐ȸ)Q́ȁٕѡ܁$)́啅ȁȁԁѡ)չ䁽 ɥѥ͠ )٥)) ᕍѥٔ)ȁȁ)եѕɽɽ