Canoe Focus Winter 2017 - Page 22

22 World Surf Kayaking Championships riding high on success Over 130 competitors from nine countries across the globe take to the magnificent waves of the Atlantic Ocean at Portrush for the World Surf Kayaking Championships. This was the first time the competition - which ran from Friday 21st to Thursday 26th October - has ever been held in Northern Ireland and conditions did not disappoint. In the wake of Hurricane Ophelia, the surf at both the East and West Strand beaches in Portrush was offering splendid conditions for teams and individuals from as far away as America, Argentina and Aus Ʌ)Ѽє͡ݍ͔)ѡȁɕͥٔݽɱ)̰ɽ̸ٕͥ(Ā)ܹɕɜլ) ɔ)Ѽɕɔ) ɔ?e!Ʉݥ(Ѡݽɱѥѱ)ɥ)Ё٥)ɕЁ )YՔȁ5)Ḿ ɥх])5́Ё ɕ屔]ɱ) ́͡Ѡ]ɱ) ͡ѥѱȁ ɔ?e!Ʉ))́Mѱe)́ɥٕ̰͕́)=ɥѡձɅ ɥѥ͠ )͡əɵͅ䀘 Aձ) ɔ)Ѽɕɔ)ܹэ̹լ)QȀ)聥э̹լ)-e-M 9=M =UIMMQ !9% 0 1=Q!%9MQdI MM=I%L)Յѥ)ݡє݅ѕȁ六))Mхɑ)͕六