Canning with The Diva Preview - Page 9

Embracing my From the Garden to the Jar concept isn’t about replacing eating raw, fresh foods but teaching people how to extend a foods nutritional content all year long.

Michigan is blessed to have organic farms, CSA programs and readily available farmers markets throughout the state! I am spoiled living in West Michigan where there is literally a market, farm or stand at every corner. Well, okay, not every corner, but you get my point!

Touring other farms I am inspired by their planting and harvest methods. If I do not grow it myself, incorporating locally grown foods into my jars gives me great pleasure knowing when I pop the lid this winter I bring a little summer into my home!

Every spring, I look forward to home canning Pickled Garlic Cloves using white wine and oregano, canning a variety of salsas using fresh tomatoes, peppers and onions and, of course, I look forward to pressure canning several batches of chicken soup and sauces to make meal creation a synch!

Whether you grow it yourself, are a member of a local Community Supported Agriculture program or simply love stopping at your local farmers market to gather fresh ingredients - join me and explore the fun my From the Garden to the Jar way-of-life provides!