Canning with The Diva Preview - Page 14

I created this seasonal guide to give people access to simple, fun canning recipes they may create in their home kitchen and enjoy eating year 'round!

This e-Book has over 30 recipes inside with suggestions of how to use the home canned good in meal creation. Packed full of gardening tips, health and nutritional information to help readers choose which foods they would like to preserve as well as canning tips peppered throughout.

I enjoy teaching many of these recipes in my Canning Classes and am offering this e-Book as a prelude to my Canning Cookbook anticipated to be in print Spring of 2014!

Thank you for your interest in learning this age-old tradition and healthy way of life! I am happy to share my life-style with you!

From the Garden to the Jar™ everyone~

Diane Devereaux,

The Canning Diva™