CANNAINVESTOR Magazine September / October 2016 - Page 76

It May Take A Professional Team

While standing out in the crowd is crucial to success in the current cannabis market it is a balance between being niche and maintaining an attractive face to the status quo that will garner the highest capital in the long run of any cannabis investment. This kind of delicately woven branding may be better suited work for a team of marketing professionals. A qualified team of creatives can harness the powerful ability to streamline the process and craft a clearly charted path towards comfortable positioning among the competition. While branding a company, the most minute details can sometimes be the most imperative. Things like the brand symbols, typeface and color palette can seem like easy decisions to a company founder but a marketing team will be the first to obsess over which of each will prove the most profitable. This painstaking attention to detail makes outsourcing branding efforts an attractive endeavor. With some small insight from the company founders into the unique image they are looking to project with the brand a creative team can turn that image into a functioning brand that not only draws in new cannabis clients but also creates a vision that solidifies brand loyalty for returning customers.

Keep All State Regulations in Mind

From state to state recreational guidelines and laws differ, specifically in edible packaging. In many states it is crucial to have opaque packaging so that the edible can’t be seen at all. Certain recreational cannabis states require the strain name be labelled on the package and in almost every single recreational or medical state the milligram dosage of the entire edible and testing is a required regulation. With the foresight that one day cannabis will be recreational in the entire country and perhaps the world, it is important that a company keeps this in mind while branding themselves in the industry. The best practice is to combine all of the current legislations within reason while branding a new cannabis company, this will help to ensure growth instead of hindering the brand’s expansion.

Once the cannabis start-up has been branded it is time to put give that image a voice, social media makes this easier than ever before. Carefully follow all rules and regulations and social media can be one of the powerful tools in a branding strategy. Combine these techniques and it is possible that this cannabis venture could sail into some very successful earnings.