CANNAINVESTOR Magazine September / October 2016 - Page 37

The Company continues to add new customers as they come online and works with The Association of Commercial Cannabis Laboratories, the Conference of Western Attorney’s General, and the Coalition for Responsible Cannabis Production to instill good laboratory standards and practices around the country.

The Company further anticipates that the number of potential customers with State licenses will more than double to over 70 by the end of 2016. In addition, Nevada’s policy of reciprocity, i.e. accepting medical marijuana (MMJ) patients from out of state, positions Nevada to become among the largest and fastest growing MMJ markets in the country.

Recreational legalization could also have a highly favorable long-term impact on the market. In November, voters will determine whether or not to follow in the footsteps of states like Colorado and Washington in legalizing adult-use marijuana. The move would open the door to Nevada’s 42 million visitors each year to purchase and consume marijuana legally, potentially raising tax revenue and creating huge opportunities for businesses.

The Company is committed to the advancement of science by offering a method of standardization for cannabis that is more intricate and accurate than any other. Dr. Cindy Orser, Ph.D., a 20-year biotech and diagnostic industry veteran, leads these efforts on behalf of Digipath, serving as the liaison between cannabis providers and regulatory agencies, as well as working in academia in several key roles. In addition to her work, she holds 18 patents and authored 41 peer-reviewed publications after earning her Ph.D. from the University of California Berkeley and B.S. in botany from Montana State University.

Dedication to the Highest Standards and Best Business Practices

Laboratory testing is one of the vital platform technologies in the cannabis marketplace and must become standardized, consistent, and robust in order to maintain the long term health of the cannabis industry. Recognizing that the legal cannabis industry’s youthfulness has resulted in a lack of structure and oversight, Digipath developed its lab testing solutions and technology to create structure and process and, in the end, ensure maximum cannabis safety through education, testing, and certification. Digipath Labs is committed to following State and Federal guidelines, standard operating procedures, and Good Lab Practices that are in line with current Federal and State governing bodies.