CANNAINVESTOR Magazine September / October 2016 - Page 36

Recognizing that the legal cannabis industry’s youthfulness has resulted in a lack of structure and oversight, Digipath, as an industry leader, developed its lab testing solutions to include best practices and maximize consumer confidence and safety.

Evolution as a Market Leader

After months of planning, Digipath President and Chief Operating Officer, Todd Denkin, opened the Company’s flagship Las Vegas cannabis testing facility, Digipath Labs, in May 2015. The Company strategically chose the Las Vegas location due to Nevada’s implementation of the nation’s most stringent policies on cannabis safety as the Company’s dedication to reliable, replicable testing results fit perfectly with the State’s goals for patient safety.

Digipath Labs began earning substantive revenue in October 2015 and has now tested more than 2,000 cannabis product samples, representing over 8,500 pounds of cured flower from many of the 42 growers and 21 production facilities licensed by the State of Nevada.

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