CANNAINVESTOR Magazine September / October 2016 - Page 30


The four case studies I presented in the June and July Issues continue to report excellent updates, progress, and results. At this time, it seems only fair to include for your own review Mettrum Health Corporation (“Mettrum”). Mettrum is Canada’s second largest Licenced Producer with a hemp business line as well that is already in thousands of retail locations. Surveying bulletin boards is part of the arsenal of the Retail Investor and the term “COMA” appears on these bulletin boards. Three of the four companies are also included in the CANNAINVESTOR MAGAZINE top 20 stock picks (August issue). This acronym COMA represents these four companies:

Canopy Growth Corporation (TSX:CGC; OTC:TWMJF)

Organigram Holdings Inc. (TSXV:OGI; OTC:OGRMF

Mettrum Health Corporation (TSXV:MT; OTC:MQTRF)


It is the opinion of many of those that recommend “COMA” that an investment in any one or more of these companies is cornerstone to a successful investment in this industry even if only to diversify geographically. Collectively, all four companies within COMA have raised over CAD$120.5 million in equity financing since August 1. Other than Mettrum the other three companies were past case studies. The fourth case study was the Tinley Beverage Company (CSE:TNY; OTC:QRSRF).

All four case studies have progressed well since their coverage and all are worth consideration to the prudent Retail Investor as well as Mettrum. For example, Tinley’s flagship beverage, Hemplify, has been successfully added to the shelves at leading Grocer Vintage Grocers and is receiving rave reviews at its Amazon store and on August 29th, Tinley issued an update on its sales and operations that appear indicative of a recipe for success. All four case study companies have been a top 20 stock pick or as a stock to watch in CANNAINVESTOR MAGAZINE (two of which made the list subsequent to being a case study) and I have no direct input or influence in any other content or aspect of the publication.