CANNAINVESTOR Magazine September / October 2016 - Page 22

Agriculture Technology

As cannabis cultivation becomes more industrialized, the agriculture technology (AgTech) sector is positioned for growth, specifically with regard to newly advanced cultivation products and processes. Cultivators are able to create competitive advantages driven by technological innovation in areas such as automated fertilization systems, modern greenhouse technologies, and LED lighting applications. Technological innovation is driving changes in the way cannabis is grown, allowing cultivation sites to lower costs, boost yields, optimize efficiencies, and maximize production capacity compared to traditional methods. Many of these technologies are being repurposed from existing agricultural and horticultural applications and customized for use with cannabis. As downward pricing pressure from the commoditization of cannabis continues, cost-effective producers will eventually be able to push smaller producers out of the market.

What are some of the things cannabis companies need to implement in order to establish solid investor relations (IR) programs?

Viridian’s philosophy on corporate communications and investor and public relations (PR) is based on the following mandates:

•Goal is sustainable increase in market capitalization and liquidity

•Success is achieved via consistent, professional, and transparent messaging

•Companies need to set and control investor expectations and then execute

•Visibility and reach to investors is achieved via multiple platforms and over time

•Consistency of corporate messaging across platforms is vital

•Compliance with SEC and other regulatory requirements is essential

•Research plays a key role in establishing investor credibility and reach