CANNAINVESTOR Magazine September / October 2016 - Page 12

We also publish the Viridian Cannabis Deal Tracker & Stock Index Report, an in-depth analysis of the transactional and strategic activity within the legal cannabis industry. The report is not intended as a recommendation for any company, but rather as a resource for investors and strategic acquirers to access cannabis industry deal metrics, investment/M&A structures, and valuations. The report first categorizes the cannabis industry into twelve key product/technology sectors and then, within each sector, tracks the transactional activity among certain public and private companies regarding capital raises, M&A transactions, deal structures and valuations, revenue growth, investor profiles, and stock performance.

We believe that success in the cannabis industry will be driven by the combination of industry domain experience together with professional and experienced management teams and board members. The ability to properly execute a business model and attract the right capital will be determined by effective operators, professional governance and operational integrity, and well-thought-out and implemented business plans and financial controls. As such, Viridian’s activities include raising capital, executing M&A strategies, sourcing board and executive talent, assisting in building business and financial models, and providing guidance on investor and public relations strategies.

Our mission is to engage companies with which we can utilize our team and network to enhance their visibility in the market and capability to scale their businesses while simultaneously reducing execution risk. These steps, in turn, should help build each client’s credibility to attract professional capital and to lay the path to a successful exit strategy.

How can you assist privately-held and publicly-traded cannabis companies?

Viridian Capital Advisors partners with privately-held and publicly-traded cannabis companies to accelerate growth by providing access to prospective board members, executive talent, distribution and strategic partners, financing sources, and M&A strategies and execution. We work collaboratively with each of our clients to build the right strategies to maximize shareholder value.


Viridian Cannabis Deal Tracker & Stock Index Report

Viridian Cannabis Deal Tracker $ Stock Report

Viridian Cannabis Deal Tracker & Stock Index Report