CANNAINVESTOR Magazine Premier Issue April/May 2016 - Page 9

additional due diligence. Currently, they have Preferred Partners in Colorado, Massachusetts and Delaware. Through the program AmeriCann provides an essential set of resources including advance cultivation facilities, access to a team of experts and in certain cases, capital for partner's businesses. This support is designed to assist Preferred Partners in newly regulated markets. In addition, AmeriCann's team actively participated in winning cannabis licenses in competitive application processes throughout the country including Massachusetts and Illinois.

AmeriCann plans to lease facilities to its Preferred Partners that will be designed with AmeriCann's propriety cultivation and processing system called "Cannopy." Cannopy uniquely combines experience from traditional horticulture, lean manufacturing, regulatory compliance and cannabis cultivation to create facilities and procedures. Cannopy includes automation throughout the production life-cycle, customized workflow processes, monitoring and controls, and top-line security systems. Cannopy empowers Preferred Partners to consistently produce medical marijuana for patients at a lower cost in an efficient, compliant manner. AmeriCann provides initial and on-going training, policies, practices and procedures to operate the state-of-the-art facilities.