CANNAINVESTOR Magazine October / November 2016 - Page 79



Strategic Pharma, Inc., or SPI (, directs its unique capabilities to develop the medical potential of cannabis or hemp extracts as dietary supplements for patients with unmet needs. The Company’s goal is to have an improved alterative available for patients suffering from central nervous system (CNS) disorders - pain, seizure, anxiety, and especially post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). SPI is the leader in using pharmaceutical testing to bring cannabis extracts to market as dietary supplements.

A Novel Data Analytics Approach – Matching Strain to Indication

SPI brings a matchless approach to developing cannabis for patient benefit. SPI’s Helix database captures more than 98% of all medical marijuana sales in the United States. With over nine million patient records at an average age of six years, Helix provides the ability to track a patient’s cannabis use over time. Helix is being utilized to direct nutraceutical research, and track contracts with state governments for patient compliance and tax reconciliation.

Data Analytics to Nutraceutical Products

Helix can be queried for patients using cannabis, which provides insight to strains and cannabinoid profiles being used by patients for a given condition. SPI identified the most commonly used strains for pain, then evaluated them during validated preclinical models to optimize cannabinoid profiles. In its facility, SPI can compare an optimized extract with currently marketed drugs, for a given condition to provide patients information about cannabis as an alternative. By developing dietary supplements, SPI can move from discovery to market in six months as opposed to a typical pharmaceutical approach, which would take 14 years to reach patients.

Generating Valuable Intellectual Property

By matching condition with strain, SPI is on the forefront to identify specific components, or a combination of components, to that condition, thus generating novel intellectual property. SPI currently has five patents pending.