CANNAINVESTOR Magazine October / November 2016 - Page 68


Industry-Leading Products and Pipeline

The PhytoMAX product line currently offered by Black Dog includes lights ranging from 215 watts up to 1,015 watts. Due to the rapidly changing LED market, product development is an ongoing process at Black Dog, and we currently have two new lines of lights in different stages of development.

In addition to its LED grow light offerings, Black Dog also owns significant intellectual property in software designed for horticulture systems. The additional future revenue stream from this is virtually limitless based on the software architecture and its possible uses.

•Existing proven product line – PhytoMAX

•Near-term LED grow light design

•Long-term LED grow light design

•Horticultural software system

Real Commercial Scale Comparison

Commercial Cannabis grows are notoriously secretive about their growing operations, for many good reasons. Being located in Colorado has allowed Black Dog to partner with a local grow for a full case study including complete harvest breakdown, energy consumption comparisons, and ROI analysis. The entire case study is available online (, including all numbers and calculations as well as an incredible full-term time-lapse video of a commercial Cannabis flowering room, certainly worth seeing for anyone interested in the industry.