CANNAINVESTOR Magazine October / November 2016 - Page 34

The November election and various ballot measures will shape the pathway of this Industry in America. November 8 just may be the single most critical Ecoforming event to this industry and many of you will vote and by doing so will directly affect the outcome. As a Retail Investor in this industry, you likely have started looking to invest in companies in jurisdictions where the polls are indicating a positive result to ballot measures or perhaps you have opened positions already in such companies. More so than ever you need to be prepared. Back to basics is key. Invest in smart people running great companies offering quality products in a growing market.

Regardless of the “angle” used by those that insist this just another, the comparison is necessarily false because the era was indeed a new economy starting from zero. This legal cannabis industry is the transformation of an existing multi-billion dollar black market backed by increasing medical and scientific breakthroughs as well as by public awareness and acceptance. When the foundation of their argument (the new economy premise) is false, everything that follows from it must also be false.

Understand Ecoforming and keep it simple because the sky is not falling and the forecast for this industry appears to be blue skies and sunny ways!

Louis Kyron, CPA, CGA

Any specific company referenced is to provide real world actual examples of a company relevant to the subject matter that also facilitates research by the Retail Investor that cannot be undertaken with the use conjectural examples. No specific or inferred recommendations are made or intended with respect to any investment in any company mentioned or referenced. You and you alone are responsible for any investment decision that you make.