CANNAINVESTOR Magazine October / November 2016 - Page 19


CSA’s new ownership funding allowed the Company to execute on the first phase of its new strategic plan with the acquisition of Big Al’s Security (

The acquisition of Big Al’s allows CSA to immediately begin servicing Oregon and Arizona directly as they are licensed and have team leaders on-site, which we believe are ready to expand CSA’s footprint into these states.

Big Al’s physical security services will complement CSA’s existing focus on alarm, video surveillance and access control, to create a comprehensive suite of security services. Collectively, but under the CSA brand, the two companies will create a security services powerhouse for both cannabis-based businesses, as well as those outside of the cannabis industry. Specific to cannabis, the acquisition makes CSA one of the largest and most wide-reaching security companies in the US for an all-cash industry in desperate need of critical security services.

“As a pioneer in Cannabis security since 2009, we have had the great fortune of expanding our footprint to other states like Oregon and Arizona, where there is a need for in-depth knowledge of the industry and its unique security issues,” said “Big” Al Burke, CEO and founder of Big Al’s Security. “As members of the CSA family, overnight we can now offer a far greater suite of services, including CSA’s deep technical infrastructure, to our clients in every state we serve. There are few companies that I would trust our clients with, and even fewer who I believe have the right depth of knowledge and approach to tackle the significant security threats faced by the burgeoning cannabis industry. However, Tom and the team at CSA have proven that they have what it takes to not only serve our existing clients, but to also craft a better future for our collective companies than either of us could achieve separately. We are excited to be new members of the CSA team.”

“We are proud and honored to have reached an agreement with such a dynamic and dedicated group of security professionals,” added Siciliano. “More specifically, the leadership of Al Burke, our new EVP of Operations for CSA, means we get his six-plus years in cannabis security and contacts to help us drive our growth and increase our services. Their team of security professionals, stellar client roster and specialized services are a great complement to CSA’s existing base, affording us greater ability and resources to capitalize on the significant security needs of the cannabis industry as well as the many non-cannabis individuals, businesses, venues, and events who need our services during these trying times.”