CANNAINVESTOR Magazine October / November 2016 - Page 15


Joint Venture

Canna Security America (CSA) announces joint venture with the Compliance Financial Network (CFN), the most comprehensive banking solution provider in the cannabis industry.

Utilizing CSA’s armored transport division, CSA will be providing cash pickup, transport, and verification to CFN clients in five states including Colorado, California, Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona to start.

CSA was chosen for their attention to customer service, traceability procedures including historical GPS data and HD cameras recording all transaction details, banking relationships, and ability to provide custom solutions around CFN’s procedural needs.

Tom Siciliano, CSA’s President, states, “Working with and understanding CFN’s process has been an absolute joy over these last months toward the common goal of a viable banking solution. After reviewing the many banking solutions available to the cannabis industry today, we found CFN to outweigh all others in their compliance procedures, proven experience, and banking services offered.”

Christian Murray, CFN’s Chief Executive Officer, states, “our core needs require very specialized service levels for our network of clients. We worked very close with the CSA team to identify the right fit and working with them proved that that they brought a higher level of focus to the complexities of the industry."

"After evaluating several other providers, we found that CSA provided the highest levels of service, technology and overall experience that outshined the competition. We are pleased to be working with CSA and look forward to expanding nationwide together,” stated Murray.