CANNAINVESTOR Magazine October / November 2016 - Page 138

Alan Scott, COO, Managing Partner

Alan was born overseas and entered the United States while in the 4th grade. He graduated 11th in his high school class out of approximately 300 students - top 5%. Alan attended Columbia University and graduated on the Dean's List with a BA in Political Science. Afterwards, he earned a JD at Northeastern University and a MBA with a concentration in Finance and Marketing from Boston College.

Alan passed the MA bar and practiced law for a few years and decided to switch career paths to financial services and healthcare sector. His work experience has given him a deep understanding of law, corporate budgeting, financial reporting and operations.

Alan has spent the early part of his life abroad in the middle East and North Africa and has traveled extensively, giving him an international perspective.

Alan hobbies are: traveling, skiing, hiking, windsurfing and scuba diving. In addition, he is also interested in holistic medicine, nutrition and plant-based medicines. Alan is not not a marijuana user himself but is an advocate for legalization. "The drug war is counter-productive, a waste of resources, and extremely destructive to the governance of other countries, " states Alan.